Snips AIR is a network of devices collaborating to form a mesh of AI assistants. This enables your entire home to be seamlessly voice-enabled, while protecting your family’s privacy. As Snips AIR runs locally without any voice data being sent to the cloud, no one can spy on you or your kids, keeping your home private as it should be.

AIR devices

Anyone can build an AIR device, either by implementing the underlying protocol, or simply by integrating the Snips voice assistant in their product. We are launching a Snips device in 2019, consisting of a base station (AIR Base) and portable microphones (AIR Satellites).

Snips AIR devices prototype rendering

AIR Base

The AIR Base is a powerful hub capable of executing voice apps. Voice input is streamed from the AIR Satellites to the AIR Base for local processing. It is the "brain" of the Snips AIR system. It is running Debian, and is fully customizable. The main purpose of the AIR Base is to do the heavy processing of voice queries and handle app execution, so that less powerful AIR devices can just forward their queries to it.

Snips AIR Base device - prototype render
Debian OS
Mic Array

AIR Satellite

The AIR satellite is a battery-powered, MCU-based portable microphone. It enables you to control your devices with voice, wherever you are in your home. It is tactile and context-aware, enabling multimodal interactions such as dimming the lights in the room you are in by swiping up and down. Switching context is as simple as asking it to: “Hey Snips, switch to the music app!”

Snips AIR Satellite device - prototype render
Mic Array

Built-in Apps

Snips AIR comes packed with powerful built-in apps. They were trained using our data generation technology, ensuring a high degree of understanding.

Home AutomationControlling lights, thermostats, windows…
Date/TimeGet date and time, set a timer, an alarm…
WeatherGet the weather for now and the future, anywhere.
Calendar, Reminder, ListsGet meetings info, create reminders, shopping list…
MultimediaPlay music, podcasts, radio, a movie…
CookingFind recipes, control appliances…
News, Sports, FinanceGet the news sports results, stock prices…
JokesTell me a joke
CommunicationSend message, call someone

App Store

Add new capabilities to your Snips AIR by choosing from a large selection of community-built apps. The Snips app store runs on top of a blockchain, ensuring anonymous, decentralized transactions between you and app makers.

The app store for voice assistants

Snips AIR Roadmap

The app store and AIR mesh protocol are already mostly implemented and will be launched throughout the summer 2018. As for AIR modules, we plan on launching the AIR Base and AIR Satellites by Christmas 2019.

Snips AIR roadmap
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